Amazon, Ebay and Wages of War: The Business of Battle

A very long time ago, i had a disc with the game Wages of War: the Business of Battle. But time is merciless and the CD was lost.

And now, i decided to make myself two gifts for the new 2019 year:

On Amazon from the USA – new boxed edition

On EBay from France – used CD with user manual

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News [21.01.2019] and the first feedback

Articles: «Win 7 STOP or how the computer hates me» и «Win 7 STOP — Old silicon and dutility of being» — deleted, and their contents combined and reworked in this article: Windows 7 BSOD STOP: c0000135

This was done, because according to statistics, people do not understand what these articles are about and what they are looking for here

As i understand them…

And a small achievement! Yesterday i received the first feedback on my creativity (and surprisingly this feedback is positive):

Hi, sorry to distract, but thanks for the quality translation, now it’s much easier for me to make game maps to play with friends)) thanks again!!

It’s about Russification of the map editor for Tzar: The Burden of the Crown

Well. Thank you Alexei for your kind words, I am glad that these developments were useful not only to me.

Windows 7 – Пропали сетевые подключения

Windows 7 с антивирусом. Время, седьмой час утра. Работа кипит полным ходом. Решил прерваться и посмотреть YouTube. На середине – ролик завис.

Первая мысль проверить соединение в роутере, ввожу IP-адрес роутера – нет ответа, но роутер работает т.к. через Wi-Fi интернет есть.

Далее проверяю сетевую карточку. Открываю сетевые подключения, а там – БАЦ пусто

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